Bolivia starts ‘historic’ export of organic quinoa to China 

Last Friday, Bolivia started exporting organic quinoa to China. The first 40 ton is being transported from companies in the Bolivian highlands to the Peruvian harbour Ilo. President Evo Morales: “This is a historic day and unforgettable for quinoa farmers, as we are shipping quinoa to China for the first time.” Morales visited ‘Sociedad Industrial … Read more

Annual peer group meeting for Spices and Herbs

On 16th of March 2016, Mercadero facilitated the annual peer group meeting on Spices and Herbs with the aim to gather up-to-date knowledge for market information, which will be published by the CBI later this year. During the meeting, business representatives, market researchers and representatives of sustainability initiatives discussed the latest trends and developments in … Read more

Torfolk introduces unsweetened Lingonberry spread in the Netherlands

Responding to repeated requests from customers, Torfolk has added lingonberry spread without any sugar or other sweeteners, like agave syrup or concentrated fruit juice, to its product line. This spread consists of 100% lingonberries, without any additives at all. One jar of 380 gram contains approximately 1500 berries, which have been heated gently. The lingonberry … Read more

CBI factsheet on amaranth seed in Europe published

The CBI factsheet describes the European market for amaranth seeds, the little sister of quinoa in the family of healthy pseudo grains. Amaranth imports are estimated at  5775 tons in 2014, up from about 4500 tons in 2013. This is quite a substantial volume compared to about 15000 tons of  quinoa imports in 2014. Production of amaranth, which … Read more