Product recall after Dutch television programme denouncing pesticide residues in quinoa

Dutch Tros Radar investigates residue levels in quinoa brands On 19 May 2014, the Dutch television programme Tros Radar investigates pesticide residues in quinoa. Five Dutch quinoa brands were tested, of which residues were found in three. Two of these actually fell within the very strict limit of the European organic industry, but nevertheless the … Read more

 Quinoa from India

Starting from summer 2014, quinoa consumers will also be able to eat quinoa originating from India. Within the Ananta project – conducted by the company Ashtral Biotech and the Indian council of Agrarian research, farmers in 14 villages in the Anantapur region in Southern India grow quinoa for the domestic and the international market. As … Read more

Three Bolivian companies CBI Programme at BioFach 2014

This year the 25th edition of BioFach took place in Nuremberg from 12–15 February. BioFach is the world’s leading Trade Fair for Organic Food. Three companies that participate in the CBI Export Coaching Programme Natural Ingredients Bolivia exhibited at BioFach 2014. Representatives of the companies Sindan Organic SRL, Agronat SA and Sumar presented their products. … Read more

Quinoa Boom is more than a Golden Grain Rush, Summary of the CBI meeting at the Biofach

After a first round with quinoa experts in the end of January, CBI’s quinoa scenario planning process found its closure in an international expert meeting in Nürnberg, Germany. In the context of the organic trade fair Biofach, quinoa exporters from Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, European importers, researchers, scientists and many other key actors were … Read more