Mercadero is a dedicated marketing and business consulting company operating in the food sector. We are specialists in differentiated markets such as speciality, organic, Fair Trade, and GlobalGAP. We develop realistic marketing solutions with our customers, mainly small and medium enterprises (SMEs) addressing European markets.

In our advisory and supportive services for exporters, manufacturers and primary producers, we try to develop a partnership with the company, aiming to combine our external knowledge with the internal knowledge of the company.

Our marketing services  cover all areas of the planning cycle: planning, implementation and evaluation. Our advice may concern strategic or operational aspects. We also provide practical support: preparing business visits; communication with customers; and selling. The services are based on thorough knowledge of the target markets and flexible in their content and scope.

Mercadero  is trade agent for several producers of organic food products. We offer high quality Swedish organic jams and cordials from Torfolk.  Torfolk Jam is produced with high levels of wild berry content giving the product its natural true taste. This year Mercadero introduces a new product on the Dutch market: frozen ready meals with organic chicken, produced by BIOGRECO in Greece.


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