Develop a Value Chain

Value chain development has become a major buzz word among development organisations. Their aim is to create certain social, economic and environmental impacts through an intervention in a value chain. For example, poverty can be reduced if small farmers gain better access to the market. Companies can also benefit from value chain development, if it helps to lift general or individual constraints impeding their development.

Mercadero has extensive experience in value chain development and (participatory) sector planning. These approaches have a lot in common: they both use public and private efforts and investments in order to meet public and private goals. In value chain development, the focus is on creating sustainable value chains. While in sector development, the focus is on removing bottlenecks and improving the enabling environment for the subsequent development of value chains.

For both approaches it is important to use solid data and apply thorough analysis while at the same time properly involving the stakeholders. Their sense of ownership is essential. At Mercadero we are able to facilitate the process as a whole, having first-hand experience in market and sector research and in consultancy. We have participated in Sector Export Marketing Planning in Ghana, Tunisia, India, Bolivia and Macedonia. We have participated in value chain analysis for various food chains in Central America, Africa and South-East Asia. In the EPOPA programme of value chain development of organic products from Africa, we were one of the key business consultants. Recently, we have dedicated a lot of effort to strengthening the Bolivian quinoa sector.

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