Mercadero is a trade and business facilitation company in the food sector. We are specialists in differentiated markets such as organic, fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and in emerging foods such as quinoa, chia and coconut sugar. 
Our mission is to create strong, sustainable value chains, together with you, our clients.
Join us in making this world a better place, generating lasting benefits for producers, exporters, importers and consumers.

Our services

Team up with Mercadero in making your value chain stronger and generating higher returns. We can help you with practical tailor-made advice!

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Find reliable suppliers and help us build a strong supply chain. We promote ingredients, for  further processing, and final products, consumer packed.

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Quinoa trade

Information service for professionals in the quinoa business, with unique insights and news from the sector.
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Food trade

We are sharing information generously and hope that you will share with us too. This will make our value chains stronger and more sustainable.

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Blog, news and insights

  • Chia imports stable at 17.5 thousand tons

    Volume of imports Imports of chia seeds into the European Union (EU) increased only 0.2% by volume in the period October 2017– September 2018 (Figure 1). Figure 1: Chia imports in tons per year, 2014/15 – 2017/18, year ending September Paraguay remains the biggest exporter to the European Union with 5417 tons, followed by Bolivia … read more »

  • European quinoa imports grow 3%, price is increasing

    European quinoa imports grew 3% in the year ending October 2018, reaching 25677 tons (Figure 1). In the previous year, imports only grew 1%. Peru and Bolivia still dominate European Union quinoa imports, while Ecuador and, recently, Turkey also hold small market shares. These statistics don’t include Europe’s domestic production of several thousand tons. Figure … read more »

  • Bolivia starts ‘historic’ export of organic quinoa to China 

    Last Friday, Bolivia started exporting organic quinoa to China. The first 40 ton is being transported from companies in the Bolivian highlands to the Peruvian harbour Ilo. President Evo Morales: “This is a historic day and unforgettable for quinoa farmers, as we are shipping quinoa to China for the first time.” Morales visited ‘Sociedad Industrial … read more »

  • How to read the Indian mango season

    India is the major global producer of mangoes and the largest global supplier of mango puree, for domestic and export markets. European processors and traders often complain about the difficulty to read the Indian mango market. For this reason, I’m sharing background information about Indian mango. My experience in mango is based on working five … read more »