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Trade and Business Support Services

CBI’s Company Database

CBI (Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries) is an Agency of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. On its website CBI publishes a company database with reliable suppliers in developing countries.  All companies were audited by our European experts and extensively coached for doing business in Europe. Use the online search facility to look for partners in the sectors or countries of your interest.

ITC Standards Map

ITC Standards Map provides comprehensive, verified and transparent information on voluntary sustainability standards and other similar initiatives covering issues such as food quality and safety. The main objective of the programme is to strengthen the capacity of producers, exporters, policymakers and buyers, to participate in more sustainable production and trade.

The Consumer Goods Forum

The Consumer Goods Forum is a global, parity-based industry network that is driven by its members. It brings together the CEOs and senior management of some 400 retailers, manufacturers, service providers, and other stakeholders across 70 countries, and reflects the diversity of the industry in geography, size, product category and format.

Private Sector Investment Programme (PSI)

The Private Sector Investment Programme (PSI), formerly known as PSOM, is a subsidy programme supporting innovative investment projects in developing countries. The objectives of PSI are to stimulate financial growth, create employment opportunities and generate income.


The Sustainable Markets Intelligence Center (CIMS) is a small and dynamic non-profit established in 2003 focused on sustainable agricultural value chains. Their mission is to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers throughout Latin America. They provide evidence-based research and strategic advice to the private, public and NGO sectors working in agricultural supply chains.

European Commision Export Helpdesk

The European Union is the world’s largest single market and the Export Helpdesk is your one-stop-shop to access it!

The Export Helpdesk informs on the EU tariffs, requirements, preferential arrangements, quotas and statistics affecting business in developing countries in just some clicks.

ITC Market Access Map

Market Access Map provides information on applied customs tariffs including MFN tariffs and preferences granted unilaterally and in the framework of regional and bilateral trade agreements. Users can find ad valorem equivalents (AVEs) for non-ad valorem duties in order to compare tariffs across countries and simulate tariff reduction scenarios. The application also covers tariff rate quotas, trade remedies, rules of origin as well as the corresponding certificates, bound tariffs of WTO members, non-tariff measures (NTMs) and trade flows to help users prioritize and analyse export markets as well as prepare for market access negotiations.

Investment Map

Investment Map combines statistics on foreign direct investment and international trade, tariff data and activities of multinational firms. The tariff data includes MFN tariffs as well as multilateral, regional and bilateral preferences and covers ad valorem equivalents of specific tariffs, tariff quotas and anti-dumping duties. Tariff and trade data are available for merchandise goods (not services) at the 6-digit level of the Harmonised System for about 5,000 product items. Information on foreign direct investment (FDI) is available on goods and services for up to 150 sectors.

Chamber of Commerce Online (only in Dutch)

In the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce all businesses and legal entities are registered. All other organizations involved in the trade are also in this register. This gives you certainty in doing business. The Trade Register  provides information about the business with whom you are dealing, who is the authorized signatory and if perhaps there is a bankruptcy.


PUM connects entrepreneurs in developing countries and emerging markets with senior experts from the Netherlands each of whom has gained at least 30 years of experience in a business environment. These senior experts voluntarily devote their knowledge to the execution of short-term, solid consultancy projects at the workfloor.

Ondernemen in Ontwikkelingslanden (only in Dutch) is a portal for entrepreneurs who have the desire to do business in and with developing countries. The portal makes information and knowledge in this field accessible. It provides information about opportunities and risks, and connects entrepreneurs to affiliated organizations that have knowledge and expertise in the field of sustainable development in developing countries.

Market Intelligence and Statistics

Eurostat is the statistical office of the European Union situated in Luxembourg. Its task is to provide the European Union with statistics at European level that enable comparisons between countries and regions.


Amberwood Trading Ltd is a firm of commodity brokers with offices in Fortaleza, Rotterdam and Ho Chi Minh City specializing in the brokerage of edible nuts, spices, animal feeds and various other commodities.


The Datamonitor Group is a world-leading provider of premium global business information, delivering independent data, analysis and opinion across the Automotive, Consumer Packaged Goods, Energy & Sustainability, Financial Services, Logistics & Express, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare and Retail industries.

 ITC Trademap

Trade Map provides users with indicators on export performance, international demand, alternative markets and the role of competitors. Trade Map covers 220 countries and territories and 5300 products of the Harmonized System.  Trade data is also available at the tariff line level for more than 150 countries.

Economic Intelligence Unit

The Economist Intelligence Unit helps business leaders prepare for opportunity, empowering them to act with confidence when making strategic decisions. EIU provides forecasting and advisory services to inform entrepreneurs, financiers and government figures around the world. They work with analysts with economic, political and business. They operate in virtually every country and cover every developed and emerging market. EIU operates as an independent business within The Economist Group.

Global Forecasting Service of EIU provides:

  • A full monthly report providing our detailed central forecast.
  • Regional channels that allow you to drill down to those areas of the world most important to you.
  • Regularly updated articles on the critical issues that have a bearing on economic prospects.
  • In-depth analysis of world trade and exchange rates.
  • Overviews and forecasts for 25 hard and soft commodities.
  • Frequently revised risk scenario analysis with intensity ratings.

CBI Market Information

The CBI Market Intelligence Portfolio provides up-to-date EU market insights for 23 sectors concerning the trends, competitive field, trade channel and requirements. It is a valuable source of intelligence for exporters to prepare and maintain their export marketing activities.

Organic Eprints

Organic Eprints is an international open access archive for papers and projects related to research in organic food and farming. The archive contains full-text papers in electronic form together with bibliographic information, abstracts and other metadata. It also offers information on organisations, projects and facilities in the context of organic farming research.


Sugaronline has constantly updated information on all aspects of the value chain, from production, processing and refining to shipping, along with the latest changes in national and international policy, science and technology. It also offers recruitment services, brokerage, an online directory of suppliers and advertising services enabling your business to reach out to the sugar industry.

The Public Ledger is the online home of Agra Informa, leading information specialists on soft commodities, agriculture and food policy, markets and trade.


Statistics Netherlands is responsible for collecting and processing data in order to publish statistics to be used in practice, by policymakers and for scientific research. In addition to its responsibility for (official) national statistics, Statistics Netherlands also has the task of producing European (community) statistics.


Food and Beverage News Sites

Biojournaal (only in Dutch)

Site with news from the organic sector in the Netherlands.


Distrifood is an independant newssite for supermarkets in the Netherlands. They provide several services like marketinformation, information on weekly development of turnover in the Dutch supermarkets, introduction of new products in the supermarkets, etc.


Free access to news on food science in Europe.

VMT (in Dutch)

VMT is the information platform for food professionals in the food, stimulants and beverage industry in the Netherlands and Belgium. Here you will find specially selected (news) releases and background information on the latest developments. VMT also offers you inspiration and solutions from professional colleagues.


Daily news on dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and functional foods. Free access to news on health ingredients and herbals in Europe. (in Dutch) is the main information supplier for the fruit and vegetable sector. It does include product information, export statistics, a list of homepages of the fruit and vegetable sector, and more than 40 news items published on business days.