Market share of Bolivian quinoa drops as EU quinoa imports grow 33% in January–August 2014

Total quinoa imports from Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador to the EU have increased from 6233 MT in 2013 to 8284 MT in 2014, over the same period of January–August. In 2012 they were 3700 MT in the same period. This means that the European quinoa market continues its strong development in the first part of this year, with a 33% volume growth. (But compared to the 68% growth in 2013 the market is slowing down.)

In the review period, imports of Peruvian quinoa have increased substantially compared to the same period last year, while imports from Bolivia have been somewhat smaller than in 2013. Imports from Ecuador have also increased, but from a much lower base. These developments have led to a much lower market share of Bolivian quinoa in Europe. These slowing exports from Bolivia are certainly a major factor behind the drop in the Challapata (domestic Bolivian) market price, which was witnessed in September, and is reported by Mercadero elsewhere on its website. The growing popularity of Peruvian quinoa is likely to be caused by the price difference with Bolivian quinoa, and the increasing availability. With quinoa prices still high, importers and manufacturers are keen to search for affordable alternatives.  >> read more