Quinoa from India

Starting from summer 2014, quinoa consumers will also be able to eat quinoa originating from India. Within the Ananta project – conducted by the company Ashtral Biotech and the Indian council of Agrarian research, farmers in 14 villages in the Anantapur region in Southern India grow quinoa for the domestic and the international market.

As the Indian import price for quinoa is as high as 1,500INR/kg, equivalent to 25$/kg, it is wise to produce quinoa more locally. Another reason for growing quinoa in Anantapur is that weather conditions have changed  and the region is drier than before. Producing quinoa is supposed to be more sustainable and appropriate to those climate conditions than the traditional crop groundnut. The first batch of the corporate project will be ready in July 2014 says Sudhir Reddy from Ashtral Biotech. He also mentions that, “apart from the government initiative, we are planning to cultivate quinoa on our own in the long term in suitable soils in India.” The company aims at processing and delivering 200 MT quinoa grain, flakes and pre-roasted flour per month.

The grain itself will be sweeter (containing less saponin) than varieties coming from South-America and it will have a higher protein content (15.5 g as opposed to 13-14g per 100 g in other quinoa varieties). Nevertheless, the Indian grain is smaller than its relatives from the Andes.

If you want to read more about it, please click the link: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/hyderabad/Quinoa-holds-hopes-for-dry-Anantapur/articleshow/20387557.cms.