Challapata Market Update, 12.4.2015

On 12 April 2015 the price for white quinoa went up slightly from 650 to 700 Bolivianos per quintal (US$2.22 per kg), which is still far below the price of white quinoa in the beginning of 2015 (US$ 3.21). In 2014 the average price for white quinoa was US$ 4.79, which is more than double the current price on the Challapata market.

Red quinoa also closed at a higher price compared to last week. On 5 April the price for red quinoa was 1350, and this week the price went up to 1500 Bolivianos per quintal (US$4.75 per kg). Black quinoa is still traded for 900 Bolivianos per quintal (US$2.85).