Challapata Market Update, 7.6.2014

challapata_6.4 (15)On 7 June, white quinoa traded in Challapata reached a price of $5.62. The price of red quinoa has increased to $5.14 and black quinoa has dropped to $3.21.

Since 24 May, when quinoa cost $5.14, prices have been increasing weekly to $5.30 on 31 May and to $5.62 last weekend on 7 June. The price for white quinoa is more fluctuating than the prices for red and black varieties.

In May, red and black quinoa were stable at $4.83 (red) and $4.02 (black). Only since last weekend, red quinoa has increased from $4.82 to $5.14. Oppositely, the black quinoa price moved downwards from $4.02 to $3.21.

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