Quinoa from Ecuador

Mercadero represents the quinoa supplier Agroelite SA in Ecuador. The quinoa variety Tunkahuan supplied by Agroelite is native to Ecuador. It is a so called “sweet variety” with a low level of saponin. This quinoa variety has a natural resistance to diseases and pests. Farmers do not use pesticides or herbicides on the crop. Agroelite is in the process of conversion to organic.

Quinoa Ecuador

Agroelite SA purchases quinoa from contracted farmers who receive technical advice and training on cultivation techniques, in order to ensure a safe and reliable high quality product. The quinoa is thoroughly cleaned in the processing plant which is a partner company of Agroelite SA. A HACCP certificate for the processing plant was issued by Ceres Ecuador (Group Ceres).

Quinoa from Ecuador:

  • Conventional white quinoa