Quinoa Export Figures are out

The first figures from the quinoa trade in 2014 are out! Both Bolivian and Peruvian market information services (INE in Bolivia and ADEX in Peru) publish facts about the countries’ exports. Unsurprisingly, exports have increased in comparison to the first trimester in 2013. Between January and March 2014, Peruvian exports have increased with 237%, which means total exports of $31.7 million within those three months. Main country of destination is the US, importing $17.7 million of the Peruvian “golden grain”. Other countries the Netherlands whose demand has increased by 228%, Germany (400%) and Chile (4,425%). >>Read more

The exports of Bolivia in the first three months of the years 2014 equal $3.101 million says the Bolivian Export Institute (INE). >>Read more