Quinoa: high potential crop for Dutch farmers in ‘de Betuwe’

Published in De Gelderlander, 27 januari 2015

Returns of wheat cultivation are low for Dutch farmers, which makes it attractive to try alternative crops like quinoa. Farmers in ‘de Betuwe’, consider quinoa a crop with high potential, because the demand is high. They know that they take a risk when they grow quinoa, but they find it worth the gamble. The quinoa growers admit that little is known about quinoa production in the Netherlands, like pests and diseases that could damage the crop. Still, five farmers in ‘de Betuwe’ decided to grow quinoa because they expect a good harvest, and because they believe that the market for quinoa will continue to grow. The five quinoa growers will cooperate closely, in particular during harvest and storage, and share information that will become available from experience and research.

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