Quinoa Expert Meeting in The Hague

Despite or because of the latest price shocks, trends and rumors in the international quinoa market in 2013 and the beginning of 2014, the Centre for Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries (CBI) has invited several experts within that field to analyze the current situation and discuss possible future scenarios for the sector. Representatives of companies like Lassie and NatureCrops, the retail sector, consultants and a quinoa producer from France, amongst others, contributed with valuable insight from their disciplines. The CBI’s reason of bringing those people together is to get a detailed overview of the current market trends in order to set up a strategic export program for the Bolivian and Peruvian quinoa sector. Therefore, a second meeting will be held during the Biofach  in February 2014 on which South-American traders will be participating as well.

Preliminary results of the panel in The Hague conclude that the international demand for quinoa will continue growing and that supply will not be able to keep up on the long term. That means that new production areas will have to emerge; probably in latitudes where the quinoa originates from. Another burning issue has been discussed: what are the reasons for the high prices of quinoa?! It could be concluded that it is not only due to speculation on the supply side that we pay as much for the quinoa these days. There are fundamental underlying factors.

A complete evaluation will be provided when the process has been completed after the final plenary session at the Biofach. We are curious what the South-American side will comment on the future scenarios!


Innovative quinoa peppernuts in The Hague, Picture: Annika Gabriel, January 2014