New machinery for the organic production of quinoa

In October 2013, quinoa producers from the region Salinas de Garci Mendoza in Bolivia were introduced to new machinery which they might use in a pilot project for the season 2013/2014. The machinery with the name Satiri I, II and III has been imported from Argentina just at the right time of land preparation, fertilization … Read more

A voice from Bolivia

Is the Quinoa’s future threatened? In Bolivia, prices only know their way up and big companies are entering the market and push away small-scale farmers. Pedro Claver, quinoa production manager at FAUTAPO Bolivia gives an insight about the happenings in Bolivia: “Interview PC”

 A voice from Venezuela

Although the quinoa sector is unstable and fragile, Carlos Eduardo Franceschi, CCO of America Organica thinks that by supporting small-scale farmers, the success of quinoa will continue: “Interview CEF”, in Spanish “Entrevista CEF”

A voice from Leiden in the Netherlands

Iliana Peralta, quinoa importer and entrepreneur of the start-up company Wiraccocha in the Netherlands about the traditions in the Andes and the business with Peruvian and Bolivian farmer cooperatives. Is it really the farmers that are speculating? “Interview IP“, in Spanish “Entrevista IP”

Protein for the world

The following drawing was made during an expert session about the quinoa value chain at the Food Valley Expo the 24th of October 2013 in Arnhem. One of the discussion’s conclusions was that the world is going to demand more proteins. Due to the continuously growing world population and scarcity of food in many parts … Read more

A voice from Germany

“The behaviour of the quinoa price is not unusual – it follows a trend that many crops or commodities go through; after prices being very high, they will also drop again”. Andree Hoeping, Sales Director and Project Manager from Naturkost Übelhör Germany about the tendencies of the quinoa sector in the coming years: “Interview AH, … Read more

Quinoa event Bolivia highlights royal quinoa

In March I participated in the international quinoa event to celebrate 2013 the International Year of Quinoa. The event was organised by the Bolivian Chamber of Quinoa Exporters (CABOLQUI). I now feel totally inspired and motivated to help develop the quinoa sector in Bolivia. The organisers did a great job mobilising almost 200 people from around … Read more