Torfolk introduces unsweetened Lingonberry spread in the Netherlands

Responding to repeated requests from customers, Torfolk has added lingonberry spread without any sugar or other sweeteners, like agave syrup or concentrated fruit juice, to its product line. This spread consists of 100% lingonberries, without any additives at all. One jar of 380 gram contains approximately 1500 berries, which have been heated gently. The lingonberry spread can of course be used as a bread spread but is also delicious with meat and in desserts. If you prefer it a bit sweeter you can add a sweetener, for example honey, to your personal taste.

Lingonberry unsweetened
The unsweetened Lingonberry spread was introduced in Sweden last year, where the sales are beyond expectations. The spread is now also available at organic wholesaler De Zaai-Ster in Leek, the Netherlands.