CBI Food ingredients programme Vietnam open for applications

About the Programme

To enter the European market, companies need market knowledge and a thorough understanding of the sector. CBI’s expertise and its global network of sector experts and Business Support Organisations (BSOs) ensure that key staff of the companies will be taught new management, technical, communication and promotional skills. The Export Coaching Programme for Food Ingredients will run for approximately four years. After around 1.5 year, you will be ready to meet potential European business partners, on the internet, at trade fairs and elsewhere. CBI’s programmes are tailored to specific business sectors and individual participants. The programme is built around modules, from which a personal approach is created for your company.

Company audit and plan of action 
An audit carried out by one of the sector experts concludes whether a company is a suitable participant. It needs to meet the enrolment requirements, be interested in the EU market and capable to meet EU demands. We derive this information from the application form as well. A plan of action based on our audit gives us a clear idea of what is needed for the selected companies to meet EU regulations.

Information on how to enrol is available on the CBI website