Chia imports stable at 17.5 thousand tons

Volume of imports Imports of chia seeds into the European Union (EU) increased only 0.2% by volume in the period October 2017– September 2018 (Figure 1). Figure 1: Chia imports in tons per year, 2014/15 – 2017/18, year ending September Paraguay remains the biggest exporter to the European Union with 5417 tons, followed by Bolivia … Read more

Bolivia starts ‘historic’ export of organic quinoa to China 

Last Friday, Bolivia started exporting organic quinoa to China. The first 40 ton is being transported from companies in the Bolivian highlands to the Peruvian harbour Ilo. President Evo Morales: “This is a historic day and unforgettable for quinoa farmers, as we are shipping quinoa to China for the first time.” Morales visited ‘Sociedad Industrial … Read more