Quinoa gets popular in the lower latitudes

Together with India, other countries in the lower latitudes start cultivating quinoa as well. Day length and soil properties seem to be appropriate but researchers are still experimenting about the right sowing date and irrigation methods. In 2008, Mr Hassan Munir started experiments on fields in Pakistan (http://www.shahzadbasra.com/quinoa/) and Morocco is busy already since 1999 … Read more

Quinoa Boom is more than a Golden Grain Rush, Summary of the CBI meeting at the Biofach

After a first round with quinoa experts in the end of January, CBI’s quinoa scenario planning process found its closure in an international expert meeting in Nürnberg, Germany. In the context of the organic trade fair Biofach, quinoa exporters from Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, European importers, researchers, scientists and many other key actors were … Read more