Dutch certified organic exports grew 9% in 2013

Dutch certified organic exports increased 9% in 2013 and reached €852 million, according to a recent study by Bionext, the Dutch organic sector organisation. Exports are almost equal to Duch organic consumption of just over €1 billion. An export value of €518 million concerns imported produce to which value is added before re-exporting. Especially in the export of raw materials and semi-finished products, as much as 95% of the total turnover of €239 million concerns re-exports. But also in Fresh Fruit and Vegetables re-exports are important. Total exports of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables account for €386 million, both from national produce and re-exports. The figures confirm the important position of the Netherlands in international trade of organic produce.

The full report (in Dutch) is available here: http://www.bionext.nl/sites/www.bionext.nl/files/rapport_exporttrend_biologisch_2013.pdf