New rules for placing novel foods on the European market

As of 1 January 2018, the new Regulation (EU) 2015/2283 on novel foods (the new Regulation) is applicable. It repeals and replaces Regulation (EC) No 258/97 and Regulation (EC) No 1852/2001 which were in force until 31 December 2017. According to the new rules, all products previously approved are now included in a ‘Union List’ … Read more

Unstable supply stimulates new business strategies for Processed Fruit and Vegetable (PFV) industry

As a result of adverse weather the processed fruits and vegetables industry faces major challenges in the supply of raw material, and more businesses choose to take primary production in their own hands. This is one of the main trends mentioned by the expert participants during the PFV Focus Group meeting organised by CBI. Many … Read more

Coconut sugar has great untapped potential

Coconut palm sugar, or palm blossom sugar, is gradually being discovered in western markets as a natural sweetener with some surprising benefits for companies and consumers. The product has a distinct taste and rich flavour, unlike any other natural sweetener. Compared to natural cane sugar, the sweetness is somewhat less pronounced and the flavour is … Read more

Bolivian chia sector unfolds initiative for clean chia

By Freek Jan Koekoek At a well-attended meeting parallel to SIAL Paris in October, the Bolivian chia sector presented its vision to develop ‘clean chia.’ It also provided a production forecast. Bolivia has become one of the leading producers, along with Argentina and Paraguay, of this superfood rich in omega 3, which is experiencing a … Read more

Market information about grains and pulses published

Beans, lentils and other pulses are enjoying an increasing popularity as a vegetarian and healthy food.The International Year of the Pulses, which is now coming to an end, has given an additional boost to these products, which often go unnoticed in the market. Not anymore: new market information about the grains and pulses sector has … Read more

Come meet us at SIAL 2016

Mercadero will be present at SIAL 2016, supporting international companies in their trade fair participation at this food innovation exhibition. SIAL 2016 will take place from 16 – 20 October in Paris. We will be coaching clients from Indonesia and the Philippines.  PT Yuasa Berkah Makmur from Indonesia and Cocoplus Aquarian Development Corporation and KF … Read more

New insights in health benefits of low glycemic food

Recent studies confirmed the theory that low glycemic food  has certain health benefits as opposed to high glycemic food, but these insights are not yet generally accepted by health authorities. Low GI foods are less likely to cause large increases in blood sugar levels, and an effect on obesity and diabetes is widely recognized. Recently … Read more

Annual peer group meeting for Spices and Herbs

On 16th of March 2016, Mercadero facilitated the annual peer group meeting on Spices and Herbs with the aim to gather up-to-date knowledge for market information, which will be published by the CBI later this year. During the meeting, business representatives, market researchers and representatives of sustainability initiatives discussed the latest trends and developments in … Read more

Annual peer group meeting for Processed Fruit and Vegetables

For the fourth year in a row, Mercadero facilitated the annual peer group meeting for Processed Fruit and Vegetables and Edible Nuts on April the 20th, in Amsterdam. During this well attended meeting, sector experts and business representatives identified important trends and developments in this sector. The input serves as the starting point for the production of … Read more